How Local Coupons and Deals Can Save You Money

More Coupon and Deal Ideas

Obviously dining establishments are simply one way to use discount coupons. I understand that lots of housewives have actually been utilizing regional discount coupons in their supermarket for several years and years. While it may appear that a couple of cents off here or there will not amount to much, you might marvel!

I have a cousin in another state that has actually used regional discount coupons a real art kind. She identifies exactly what the minimum stated value of each discount coupon has to be and after that takes them down to her regional grocery store where she gets double (and in some cases triple) the worth of the voucher. As a matter of truth, she has actually been so effective at this that she has actually turned it into a business.

Let's state she has a discount coupon for 75 cents off a tube of tooth paste that costs $2.39. If she gets triple the worth of the discount coupon then she gets a discount rate of $2.25. That tube of tooth paste now costs her just fourteen cents!

Like my cousin, I have actually heard stories of consumers utilizing regional discount coupons and offers all over the nation. These folks might wind up paying $5 or $10 for a shopping cart which contains over $100 worth of product! Sure, it requires time and some effort, however lots of people work all the time and do not make $100. It deserves it!